Six Seasons associates with Flipkart

Six Seasons Concretex Pvt Ltd has bagged a fantastic opportunity from Flipkart in constructing a warehouse that is going to help in delivering customers order in a more efficient way. Working with Flipkart has given us new challenges and opportunities as well. We will be supplying M35, M30, M25 and M30(FRC) concrete for the construction. FRC or fibre reinforced concrete is one of a kind concrete admixture that offers durability and strength to the structure. This is why it is also graded to be high-performance concrete as compared to normal concretes. Another important feature of the FRC is resistance to aggressive elements like chemicals and natural calamities. While other concretes would fail or suffer abrasion in certain situation FRC concrete will stand tall.

As it is a warehouse project and there will be trucks and heavily loaded vehicles plying the compound, it is very important that every building is constructed with a sturdiness that can tolerate the pressure and vibration off the truck.

Six Seasons Concretex is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of readymade concrete mixed with different coarse aggregates and fine aggregates. We have been working in the field of RMC for a couple of years and have even worked with government organisations like KMRCL and KMDA.