Structural concrete supplier for G B CONSTRUCTION for Water Treatment Plant

We are happy to state that we will be supplying concrete (M25 Pile and M30) for G B CONSTRUCTION for building Water Treatment Plant. Six Seasons Concretex Pvt Ltd. will be delivering Ultratech cement with coarse aggregate from Nalhati.

We were very much moved when G B CONSTRUCTION for the first time approached us for constructing the water treatment plant. The plant focuses on removing any unwanted chemicals and harmful toxic elements from the water, making it clear for drinking. After the treatment of water, it can also be used for other purposes without any fear of deadly elements like Arsenic, Cholera and Typhoid.

Our trained and experienced experts are taking a close analysis of the development to offer the best quality concrete depending on project requirement. The contract is agreed upon sending approximately 600 kgs and 665 kgs of 20 mm coarse aggregate and approximately 530 kg and 544 kgs of 10 mm coarse aggregate. The fine aggregate that is river sand to be supplied with weight approximately 700 kg and 600 kgs respectively. We will supply 400 kgs of cement in two batches.
A number of families in and around the area will be benefited from the water treatment plant and Six Seasons Concretex is overwhelmed to work in a project like so.