KMRCL Project

Effective association with KMRCL in Metro extension

Six Seasons Concretex is more than happy to announce a bonding with KMRCL concerning metro railway extension in Kolkata. We will be utilising M40 graded concrete for a durable and strong structure. We have also made sure that the coarse aggregate and sand supplied is of high grade and potentially take the pressure of the metro operation in the long run.

After the decision of metro railway extension in Kolkata, people found a new comfort in their life as they can now avail the metro service to reach even to the north and south of Kolkata that could only be reached through road earlier. When we bagged the contract of KMRCL, it was a turning point forever business as it was a dream come true. Six Seasons Concretex took all the necessary measures to offer surety and durability to the raw material supplied. We swing into action at once after the project was awarded and with the help of government authorities, the work seemed effortless.

All of our products undergo extreme scrutiny so that we can give the best to our clients and acquire trustability and reliability in return. Not just RMC, we are also equipped with heavy machinery that is given on rent for ease of concrete mixing at your project site. We also offer a complete concrete solution in any kind of project after referring to requirements.