Our Business


Thanks to our rich and accomplished research team at Six Seasons Concretex Group Of Companies, that we have been able to develop new and advanced ready mix concrete and prefabricated concrete products. The concrete can hold buildings and infrastructure of various dimensions without any lag. Our products are eco-friendly and have less carbon emission property. It also helps in saving on budget, thanks to the cost-effective feature of the RMC. It speeds up the process of construction as the concrete dries up quickly. The overall result will be quite fascinating with architectural perfection.

We produce high-quality building material products with multi-purpose utilities. We have maintained the consistency workability in RMC to fulfil the most stringent demands pouring from the market. We supply concrete to major construction companies for infrastructural and residential projects. RMC is developed in our facility itself and we even take the responsibility to transfer the product to your site through transit mixer.

Equipment Rental

Not just RMC, Six Seasons Concretex Group Of Companies, understands the need of construction equipment as well. This is why we also look forward to giving out equipment rentals at an affordable cost. Get in touch with us for any kind of concreting equipment like Transit Mixer, Concrete Pump, Batching Plant and many more.

We will give you a quotation based on your requirement along with insurance coverage for a hassle-free and effective utilization of the equipment. We will explain to you all the terms and conditions of hiring the equipment and insurance policy and give you full liaison support throughout the hiring days. Contact us to know more about this.

Complete Concrete Solution

Your project should be flawless in every aspect and we will make sure you don’t face any shortcomings during the developmental phase. We offer a complete concrete solution depending on your requirements. We will work with you in setting up a complete concreting plant at the project site and assist you in getting a continuous flow of concrete during the course of construction. We will even customize the concrete elements depending on your requirement.

Six Seasons Concretex Group Of Companies, offers high-end precast concrete ideal for landscaping, pavement, drainage and other engineering constructions. Dry motor can also be made available on requirement that is crucial for plastering, tile fitting and repairs.

So, without any more delay contact us for all kinds of concrete solution for any kind of project development.