Tala Tank

M40 and M25 graded concrete for Tala Tank

We are happy to announce that we have acquired the developmental project for Tala Tank where we will be supplying M40 and M25 graded concrete from Ramco. For this project, we will be getting the fly ash from Mejia and coarse aggregate from Nalhati. The river sand will be from Damodar.

In M40 grade of concrete, we will be delivering approximately 470 kgs of cement along with 64 kgs of fly ash, 890 kgs of 9 mm coarse aggregate and approximately 800 kgs of river sand. In M25 grade of concrete, there will be 304 kgs of cement content, 67 kgs of fly ash, 670 kgs of 20mm coarse aggregate, approximately 550 kgs of 10mm coarse aggregate and 685 kgs of river sand. The development will be manually handled.

Tala tank is maintained by Kolkata Municipal Corporation and was constructed in the year 1909 during the British era. It is also accounted to be one of the largest overhead reservoirs in the world. To be specific the height of the Tala tank is approximately 110 feet from the ground and has the capacity to hold 9 million gallons of water. With this nature of intensity, it is at most important that the repair and maintenance work be of topmost quality. The work needs to be completed in the quickest time possible, as it is the only water-supplying reservoir for majority of areas in Kolkata.